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Antun Kaznačić from Dubrovnik, a Member of the Illyri­an Movement

Ivan Pederin ; Historijski arhiv, Zadar

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Antun Kaznačić was a poet, born in Dubrovnik. His modest poetic work was of some importance for the Croatian liberalism known by the name of the Illyrian Movement since 1835. As a member of the Illyrian Movement Kaznačić bridged over the gap between the modern Croatian national literature and the glorious Ragusan cultural and literary tradition by his adherence to this movement which he enriched for some elements of vernacular Croatian liberal traditions. Kaznačić was a freemason from the 18th century and had some direct relations with the physiocratic movement in the Dalmatian Croatia late in the 18th century.
But he also was a poet of his native town. This poetry remained somehow provincial due to its lack of general national problems as well as for the fact that the extraordinary city-state was transformed into a provincial town of the Austrian Empire. The local poet was out of the problems of Croatian literature in the nineties. Kaznačić died in 1874.

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Antun Kaznačić, Illyri­an movement

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