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Organization and Activity of the Regional Hospital in Dubrovnik from its Construction till the First World War (1888-1914)

Ivo Perić ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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The history of the sanitary services in old Dubrovnik from 1347, when an infirmary for the poor was founded, and especially from 1540, when the state Hospital »Domus Christi« was established, has been already considerably examined and dealt with. The Hospital »Domus Christi« continued its work in the same building, in the old city, after the fall of the Republic (1808) until the construction of the new hospital outside the city walls (1888). During the Austrian era hospitals in Dalmatia were regional institutions, so regional government took care of them. In Dalmatia there were four hospitals: in Dubrovnik, Split, Šibenik and Zadar.
The new hospital in Dubrovnik offered better conditions for a more successful health service and development. Maternity department (for the poor and unmarried women) and a foundling home (for illegitimate and deserted infants) were inside the hospital courtyard. Only two doctors: primarius and secundarius, both general practitioners, and other hospital staff worked there. The hospital owned its own farms and cows in order to lower food expenses.
Besides the history of the regional hospital, the author describes health services on the territory of the community offered by municipal doctors and midwives. He mentions military hospital and its activity. Then he gives lots of data on illnesses, epidemics, medicines, professional perfection and doctors' cooperation, number of patients, child-bearing women and foundlings, medical treatment prices, health services outside the hospital, mortality and measures for improving health services and sanitary conditions in Dubrovnik as well as on its territory.

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hospital, Dubrovnik, 19th century, 20th century

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