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The Oldest Cadastral Book in Croatia — Dubrovnik Cadastral — Book of the Land Partition of Ston and Pelješac in 1336

Josip Lučić

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The Dubrovnik Cadastral-Book for the Ston and Pelješac land partition of 1336 is kept in the Historic Archives of Dubrovnik, under the Series XII Cathasticum, N° 2a. The document is known in the historic and economic sciences, but being unpublished, it has not been adequately scientifically used.
The author gives the full text of this Land-Register. The Government parcelled out all the productive soil of Pelješac, of which Dubrovnik had come into possession in the years between 1326 and 1333, into 30 decenas (decena). Each consists of 10 lots (pars), each lot comprises four quarters (quarta). So parcelled out soil (including partly wooded areas, too) the
Government gave into possession and use mostly to the ruling class, patricians, and only 1/8 of the soil was given to the commoners.
This Cadastral-Book records to which patrician (and commoner) the land was bestowed, at which place and the size of given parts. But here is the question of one half of the land planned to be parcelled out. The other 15 decenas, i. e. the other half was parcelled out in 1344. That partition, which had been registered in the Land-Register too, has not been preserved. Again in the years of 1393 and 1396 the Government made a revision of the partition of Stone and Pelješac land. On this occasion the Cadastral-Book, which is kept in the Historic Archives of Dubrovnik under the Series XII Cathasticum, N° 2, was made. Later partitions made in Astarea (1367), Dubrovnik Littoral — Terre Nove (1399) and Konavle (1419 and 1427) were recorded in the Land-Register named »Libro Rosso nunc Matica«, today deposited in the same Archives’ Series Cathasticum. This, main Cadastral-Book does not include the one from 1336.
The Dubrovnik Cadastral-Book of 1336 is so far the oldest public state Land-Register with the Dubrovnik people and Croatians, very probably with all the South Slavs.

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