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Krilo Cvjetković’s Death in the Light of Social, Political, Economic and Literary Events in Perast in the Middle of the 18th Century

Miloš Milošević

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The subject of the work is a historic event from the times of pirates’ and footpads’ activities and frequent fights by sea and land in the middle of the 18th century. Tradition made a rich legend in verse and prose of the folk and artistic literature. After the Introduction which gives a picture of social, cultural and political conditions of the time, the author divides the work into six parts. In Part I a historic identity of the main person Krilo Cvjetković, named Grilo, was given, as well as his youth activities (while in Perast) and his deeds (while in service of Maltese knights) were described. In Part II the data of Grilo’s death and his widow’s and escort’s capture are brought. Parts III and IV present the reaction to these events, particularly the Perast people’s revenge through setting the widow and her escort free from the Scutari Pasha’s prison. Part V describes a heavy conflict between the Venetian authorities and local Perast municipal autonomy. Part VI speaks about how this exciting event, thanks to the reputation and dexterity of the Perast people, supported by numerous Venetian senators, passed by without any heavy consequences that the city had been menaced with.
In the centre of this turbulent events about Grilo, the following are of great importance: Perast engagement in the antipirates block (particularly against Ulcinj); ways of direct peace agreements between Venetian and Turkish subjects; beginning of folk and artistic poems based on the exciting events; and finally the relationship between an autonomous maritime community and Venetian authorities.

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pirate, Krilo Cvjetković, Perast

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