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Dubrovnik Periodicals from 1848 till 1918

Ivo Perić ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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Dubrovnik —- the old city on the East Adriatic Coast, the founder and centre of her own state (Dubrovnik Republic) — became, after the abolition of the state in 1808, a provincial town within the Province of Dalmatia, which was first (1805—1814) under the French, and then (1814—1918) under the Austrian rule. Although a provincial place and under the foreign sway, Dubrovnik remained an important cultural and educational centre, from which a resistance against the oppression policy of the foreign ruling regime was inspired and spread — the resistance that was present in the printed work — in her periodicals.
First political newspapers in Dubrovnik were published in 1848. Since then up to 1918, i. e. to the end of the Austrian rule, a number of different periodicals were printed: political papers, magazines, annuals, calendars and school yearly reports. Some of them were os the wider than local character regarding the themes that were treated, contributors coming from all over Dalmatia and wider and a broader circle of readers. Dubrovnik scientists, cultural workers and politicians, there was always a considerable number of them, gave them the main characteristic and tendency.
The period from 1848 to 1918 represents the first developing phase in the history of the Dubrovnik periodicals. The purpose of this work is to give an as complete as possible historiographic information on the Dubrovnik periodicals of that period. A need for such a work has been felt long. The work offers a description of all the periodical published in Dubrovnik during the above mentioned period, except of two calendars whose complete volumes could not be found. The worthiest in the bibliography of these publications is given in the selection criterion. Therefore, the work can be useful to those who are interested in Dubrovnik of that period as well as in the conditions and problems of those times in the wider Yugoslav area.

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