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People from Lika in the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878

Nikola Tominac ; Zagreb

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Occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, which completely changed the political state of this Ottoman province by using the military forces and at the same time caused numerous victims for both belligerents, is somehow forgotten although it was a very important historical event of our wider region. That was a big tragedy for some citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the others happiness because they became independent on Ottoman rule. Although all these events happened more than 140 years ago, their consequences are still felt and we shall not understand them if we do not get acquainted with that period and especially with political circumstances in which all of this happened. We hope that this article, dedicated to a special Croatian Infantry Regiment (K.u.K. 79. Ungarische (croatisches) Otocaner Infaterie-Regiment Graf Jellacic), will enable readers to understand better how this part of Europe was transformed through history. That is especially important because certain nations remember and explain those events in different ways. Thus that tragic period will become a part of our historical memory and better understanding of the presence and future.

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occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878; Bihac; 79th Infantry Regiment Joint Forces "Grof Josip Jellacic" Otocac.

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