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Millenary celebrations of the Croatian Kingdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina with particular reference to Mostar

Ivica Glibušić ; Sveučilište u Mostaru, Filozofski fakultet

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On the basis of archive materials, press from that period and scientific literature the article shows a part of the millenary celebrations of the Croatian Kingdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina with particular reference to celebration in Mostar. It presents the circumstances in which the millenary was celebrated, what caused new divisions and politicization around the celebration and holding two celebrations in Sarajevo and Mostar, one in July and the other in September. Especially expressed was a division in Mostar as a consequence of political parties' influence, particularly Croatian Peasant Party, which had absolute support of the Croats in B&H. Croatian People's Party, which had support of the majority of Franciscans, encouraged the Church celebration of the Croatian Kingdom millenary. More influential party for Croatian people, Croatian Peasant Party, boycotted the Church celebrations giving support to the other celebration organized by Napredak and supported by state authorities.
Croatian cultural society Napredak as the nonpartisan organization but with the members who were politicians, public officials and prominent ecclesiastical figures, had the upper hand in the organization of the Croatian Kingdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina millenary celebration. Participating in the manifestations through different sections other Croatian music-choral societies from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina also gave their contribution to the millenary celebration. Music-choral society Hrvoje gave the special contribution with their performances in Mostar and other places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Significance of national gathering around the millenary celebration of the Croatian Kingdom was pointed out in all celebrations the Croatian Peasant Party participated in. Large number of Croats were involved in the celebrations organized all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, what contributed to strengthening national consciousness and developing Croatian national identity. Numerous memorial plates, names of streets and squares as well as monuments with the name of King Tomislav remind us of the celebration.

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millenary of the Croatian Kingdom; Napredak; Croatian Peasant Party; Catholic Church; Franciscans; Croatian People's Party.

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