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"Foreign Ustashe - with fezzes on the heads"A problematic thesis on violence in the East Herzegovina during 1941

Ivica Šarac orcid id ; Sveučilište u Mostaru, Filozofski fakultet

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str. 323-382

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The article seeks to test a thesis - that was set during the Second World War and gradually grew into an unquestionable fact in a part of historiographical literature - "foreign Ustashe", primarily those from the western parts of Herzegovina, were the most responsible for crimes committed over Serbian-Orthodox community in the East Herzegovina during 1941. The article is composed of two parts: analytical elaboration in the first part and appendices containing extracts from documents of the District Court in Mostar.

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East Herzegovina; violence; civil victims; ethnic cleansing; Ustashe; gendarmes; Domobrani; Muslim militia.

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