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Breaking through the “fourth wall” as an interactive process in modern artistic creation

Miroslav Huzjak orcid id ; Učiteljski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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Modern art has lost its artistic character; only its visual aspect remains. On the other hand, the transition from modern fine arts towards non visual contemporary art has brought a great deal of novelties; one of these is “breaking the fourth wall”. This is a theatre (and film) term referring to moments when viewers become interactively involved in a play, and the characters become aware that they are characters in a play. Modern art has explored processes by which the border between artistic acts and everyday acts is erased, suggesting that “everything is art” and “every man is an artist”. The new era has caused the public to become alienated from science and the arts, but has also provided new philosophical interpretations of media landscapes and the hypperealism of the post-modern. Digital games are also becoming hyperrealistic, and some of these are founded on demolishing the “fourth wall”. Confused reactions to techniques of breaking the “fourth wall” vary from verbal reactions to a performance and excessively literal perceptions of film to tragic accidents or even suicides connected with particular digital games. Hyperreality mimicking reality has become commonplace, however the question arises: can the modern individual deal with this?

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modern art and breaking the “fourth wall”, modern and post-modern art, reality and hyperrealism

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