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Collaborative creativity in elementary school music teaching

Jelena Martinović-Bogojević ; Muzička akademija, Univerzitet Crne Gore, Cetinje, Crna Gora

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The socio-cultural dimension of creativity is an essential aspect of theoretical examinations of the phenomenon of musical creativity. Empirical research and practical experience have resulted in the need to reconceptualise and reinterpret the concept of musical creativity in education. The concept of collaborative creativity developed through the socio-cultural context itself. In school practice, collaborative creativity can be achieved among pupils, as well as among teachers who cooperate through integrative teaching, extracurricular activities, and project teaching. This paper will present some ways in which to encourage collaborative musical creativity, with a special view to student experiences and the influence that collaborative creative processes have on their socialisation, motivation, and the practical implementation of acquired knowledge. The action research methodological framework was implemented in a Year 5 elementary school class during the 2017/2018 school year. The goal of the paper is to examine the potential for encouraging collaborative creativity in regular music teaching, as well as to indicate objective difficulties in undertaking this type of creative process in schools.

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collaborative creativity, musical creativity, music teaching, elementary school

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