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What is Zepey in Dubrovnik Monuments?

Marijana Gušić

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Out the documents in Dubrovnik archives from 1235 and after that and out of the records in neighbouring Appulia the author explains the meaning, the form and the function of that womans veil which is called in Dubrovnik zepeya and in Appulia zeppa, zippa.
It is the wedding veil used by the bride. This veil is a distinguished one among the other women’s coverings for the head because it is precious, made of silk, decorated with a pearl and golden embroidery. The author thinks that this is the Persian word »zeb, zib« with the adjectival meaning »excellent, wonderful«. This elegant textile is not only the veil for the Bizantine women but is also a decorative handkerchief used with a gala dress in the hand or stuck into the belt. It is also used from the 6th century. It can be found in the iconograpy of Madona where it makes the bright motif, on the dark material (maforija).
Later in Dubrovnik in the 16th century there is a decorative handkerchief in the graph çippi.
The last pattern of the medieval Zepey we could see on the folk textile in Dubrovnik district. It is called »golden covering« which is used in Konavle for the bride veil. The last chosen examles are held in the museums. The author shows one of the most beautiful as an illustration for his work.

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