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Dubrovnik in the Second Half of the 18th Century

Maja Novak

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Five chapters are here published under the titles: »The Science and Literature of the Dubrovnik natives«, »On the Customs of the Dubrovnik Natives«, »On the Dubrovnik Income«, »On the Temper of the Natives of Dubrovnik«, »On the Military forces of the Republic«.
They are taken from the reports of an anonymous delegate of the empress Maria Theresia. They are kept in the Viennese Archives.
The anonymous informant was a highly educated man who knew the national language of the people of Dubrovnik. During his stay in Dubrovnik he became familiar with the things the Viennese Court wanted to find out about this small Republic. She succeeded to keep her independence and her trade interests although she was surrounded by two great powers, Turkey and Venice and in spite of the constant and active presence of the Viennese Court and her diplomacy.
The Viennese Court and her government wanted to be always well and accurately informed about Dubrovnik. The pieces of information they got were very strictly confidential. They were an important source for better understanding the political, economic, cultural and social life in the Republic.

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Dubrovnik, 18th century

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