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A Contribution On the Maritime Trade of Dubrovnik District from 1815 to 1850

Šime Peričić

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In Dalmatia districts were multi-teritorial administrative units. Through several first decades of the second Austrian administration the whole Dalmatia was divided into four districts whose centres were in Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Kotor. This work deals with the maritime trade traffic only in Dubrovnik districts from 1815—1850.
The author presented the traffic in these ports of Dubrovnik district: Dubrovnik, Gruž, Cavtat, Slano, Orebić and Korčula. From the busiest ports, Dubrovnik and Gruž, brandy, cattle, salted-meat, tallow, woolen things, raw wool, wax, raw leather, olive oil, salted fish and other goods were exported. The ships of the Dubrovnik district came to many Adriatic ports, as well as to Mediterranean and Black sea ports.
During the fourth and fifth decades of 19th century in the ports of Dubrovnik districts the Albanian wood and asphalt were imported, grain and vegetables from Puglia and from the southern part of Russia near Black sea, pottery from the Pope state, cereal from Rijeka and Senj, white, salt from Piran, various groceries and manufactured goods from Turkey and Venice, soap and other articles from Levant, wine from Cyprus and Malaga.
The value of the exported goods from the Dubrovnik ports was much on the average than the value of the imported goods in the same period from 1815—1850.

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trade, Dubrovnik, 19th century

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