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On the Register of Births of Dubrovnik Foundlings and Their Surnames from 1830–1852

Ante Šupuk

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The home for foundlings in Dubrovnik was established in 1432. It operated almost for 500 years. It was not shut before 1927. Foundlings in Dubrovnik during the Republic were not given surnames at baptism but only the names as well as it was in Zadar, Šibenik and Split who were then under the Venetian rule.
In the period from 1830—1852 in the register book of Dubrovnik foundlings there were all together 1460 records of baptisms. Some of these children had been already christened be­fore they were brought to the home, but some were christened in the home.
After examining the surnames of these children you can see that they are various and interesting. Some surnames are connected with physical or other characteristics of a child. Some surnames are taken from mythology, the Greek and Roman history, literature, art and science. There are some surnames formed of the names in biology or mocking nicknames.
The surnames of Dubrovnik foundlings are a contribution to anthroponomy and they can be used as a source and material for the explanation of the origin and enigma of a large number of the present day surnames in Dubrovnik, Dalmatia and in other parts.

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Dubrovnik, orphans, family names

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