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On the 18th century sience manuscript »Philosophia Newtoniana« kept in Science library of Dubrovnik

Žarko Dadić

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Manuscript No. 24, labeled on back »Philosophia Newtoniana« consists of two separate works: »Philosophia Newtoniana« and »Tractatus statices«. Both are 18th century school manuals and were probably owned by the ragusan physician Ivan Krstitelj Pagani. The author of the manuscript cannot be identified with certainty.
The composition of the work »Philosophia Newtoniana« is traditional, being divided in the so called »Physica generalis« and »Physica particularis«. The work speaks of the basic concepts and problems of physics, further, the picture of world with astronomy is shown and, finally, are the explanations in connection with earth, water, air and fire given. However, in spite of this traditional composition, the author completely relies on Newton’s philosophy of nature. He does register both, the heliocentric and the geocentric system, but decides for the heliocentric, as the more simple and easier one. »Tractatus statices« speaks of the various problems of mechanics, especially the ones that are concerned with motion and, further, the problems tied with mechanical machines. As this manuscript is, unmistakably, a school manual written in the Newton’s school of thought, and has been kept in Dubrovnik since the 18th century, it is more than probable that some Ragusans in 18th century returned from their studies with the Newtonian outlook on natural sciences. This manuscript is one of the rare documents that show that in the 18th century there were people in Dubrovnik who were educated in the spirit of Newton’s philosophy of nature, and this is its greatest value.

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Philosophia Newtoniana, manuscript, Dubrovnik

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