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Research of mechanical stress at tension of quartz optical fiber (QOF)

A. D. Mekhtiyev orcid id ; National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia; S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
A. A. Kovtun ; Military Engineering Institute of Radio Electronics and Communications, Almaty, Kazakhstan
V. V. Yugay ; Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
E. G. Neshina ; Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
R. Zh. Aimagambetova ; Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
A. D. Alkina ; Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

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The article presents the results of a study of the process of occurrence of mechanical stress and strain during stretching of a quartz optical fiber. The analysis and review of the current state of development of fiber-optic conductors is performed. The problems of occurrence of microcracks in the body of optical fibers during mechanical loading during operation are considered. In the process of winding optical fibers and further operation, cracks occur. The conducted research allows us to solve an important production problem related to increasing the strength of optical fibers and reducing the number of microcracks. The object of scientific research is quartz optical fiber of the G652 standard, used for the production of fiber-optic cables. For optical fibers, the greatest danger is the stretching, which is observed when rewinding the fiber, during its cabling, during the laying and operation of the optical cable. It was found that the mechanical tensile strength of G652 optical fiber was from 4 482 to 4 808 MPa, and the number of cracks and their parameters affect the tensile strength of the fiber.

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quartz; optical fiber; stretching; crack; fatigue crack modeling; mechanical stresses

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