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Family as a Factor in Cerebral Palsy Prevention

Tajana Polovina-Prološčić
Vesna Vidović
Andrea Polovina

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The aim of the study was to assess maternal perception of family impact on the course and outcome of rehabilitation
in children with cerebral motor impairment. The study included 135 children with cerebral motor impairment. Their
motor development was followed-up over a one-year period by use of structured interview with the children’s mothers after
12-month rehabilitation. The course of rehabilitation was assessed by the method of locomotor system functional evaluation.
The improvement achieved in motor development was significantly better in the group of children whose mothers
found their relationships with extended family excellent than in those whose mothers considered it good or poor. The
study showed that mothers to children with cerebral motor impairment frequently feel the lack of extended family support,
being it real or perceived as such by the mothers due to their emotional sensitivity, suggesting the need of additional
studies of the reasons for this. These findings indicate that greater attention should be paid by health professionals to the
psychological support offered to these mothers.

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cerebral motor impairment; rehabilitation; extended family; psychological support

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