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The Energies of Activation of the Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Primary and Secondary Alcohols

I. Britha ; Institute for Industrial Research, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
P. Luetić ; Institute for Industrial Research, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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The activation energies of dehydrogenation of primary and secondary alcohols were determined on Raney-copper catalyst in the temperature interval between 150 and 250 C. The values obtained are presented in Figures 2 to 8 and Table 2. By comparison of the influence of methyl groups on the change of the activation energy of dehydrogenation and dehydration as well as by taking into consideration the difference in the behaviour of hydrocarbons and alcohols the opinion is supported that the primary act of alcohol ·dehydrogenation consists in the breaking of the 0-H bond of alcoholic hydroxyl group.

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