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Research results of the La Tène culture cemetery at Zvonimirovo – Veliko polje in 2019

Marko Dizdar orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The continuation of the rescue excavations at the site of Zvonimirovo – Veliko polje included the western slope of the central part of the elevation, which contained cremation graves of the La Tene culture. At the bottom of the rectangular grave pits with rounded corners there are the cremated remains of the dead with costume and jewellery items, and with ceramic vessels placed next to them. The graves were partly destroyed by earlier intense agricultural cultivation; the best preserved grave is a warrior’s grave with a long iron spear. The excavations conducted on the western slope in previous years found several more graves, in which the only offensive weaponry was a single spear in each grave; these are the graves of spearmen, arranged around the graves of warriors equipped with swords in scabbards. A small pile of cremated bones in grave LT 129 contained two larger iron fibulae and fragments of two bronze fibulae with three ceramic vessels placed next to them. The typological characteristics of the finds date the discovered graves to phase LT C2 (Mokronog IIb).

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Zvonimirovo; cemetery; Drava valley; La Tene culture; female costume; weaponry; spear; ceramic vessels

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