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Stari Tar/Tarovec (St. Blek, Tar) – attempt at a typological and functional interpretation of the sacral complex within the medieval settlement

Gaetano Benčić ; Zavičajni muzej Poreštine, Poreč, Hrvatska
Ana Konestra orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Enrico Cirelli orcid id ; Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civilta, Alma Mater Universita di Bologna, Bologna, Italija

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Archaeological excavations at the stanzia Blek site (Tar – Vabriga/Torre – Abrega municipality, Istria county), which is probably to be identified with “Stari Tar” mentioned by historic sources, evidenced several phases which saw the transformations of a roman rural settlement (villa) into a medieval fortified one. A sacral complex, located to the east of the central nucleus of the settlement, probably a tower, can be linked to the early Medieval phase. In the paper new data on the church and the sepulchral annex is brought forth, allowing to define their character and dating on the bases of structural features and analogies. They are then discussed within the context of the wider organization of the settlement.

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Roman villa; Medieval settlement; early Medieval chapel; early Medieval graves

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