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Irresponsible Advertising: The Case of the Slovene Media Space

Marko Milosavljević

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This article attempts to shed light on the nature and origins of hidden,
covert advertising and its presence in the Slovenian mass media. To outline
the specificity of the covert advertising in relation to news content
and so-called hybrid messages, this paper defines the elements that are
specific for covert advertising. It is argued, on the basis of the relevant
legal and self-regulatory framework, that covert advertising is unethical,
but also illegal and is a consequence of a specific, market-driven approach
to media, an approach that has been dominant in the last fifty
years. This approach is dominant also in the Slovenian media. The Western
democracies have at the same time also developed a new phase in ad vertising, called responsible advertising. However this type of advertising
is not dominant in the Slovenian media, as there are numerous cases of
covert advertising, breaches of law and other unethical and illegal practices
in media and advertising. This suggests that the Slovenian mass media
have become commercial, market-driven and advertising-driven;
however they have not become also transparent and responsible when it
comes to their functioning and advertising.

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covert advertising, irresponsible advertising, media contents, mass media, media ethics, Slovenia

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