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Everyday Life: An Interface of Micro, Mezzo and Macro Theories

Hajrudin Hromadžić ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Filozofski fakultet, Hrvatska

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str. 223-243

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The article is dedicated to an overview of some of the most relevant theories of everyday life.
Accordingly, the paper deals with all three levels of theories of everyday life – micro (Garfinkel,
Simmel, Goffman), mezzo (Berger, Luckmann, Bourdieu), and macro (Lefebvre, Debord,
Vaneigem, Heller). In that context, sociology – as the central social-humanistic discipline on
the issues and phenomena of everyday life – is brought into subject-methodological and interdisciplinary
‘dialogue’ with philosophy, and partly with anthropology and cultural studies. The
paper tries to question, and even dispute, the often advocated thesis of the self-evident primacy
of micro-sociological theories in research and interpretations of everyday life in relation to
macro-theoretical considerations of everydayness and their relevance.

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everyday life, micro-sociology of everyday life, macro-theories of everydayness

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