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Astrotourism – In Search of New Spaces and Imagination in Tourism

Aleksandra Krajnović orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Odjel za ekonomiju, Hrvatska

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This paper explores the concept and development of astrotourism as a new form of sustainable
and responsible tourism that is developing rapidly in many countries around the world,
with a special emphasis on certification in astrotourism. Two research hypotheses are set in
the paper. First, there is a close correlation between the development of astrotourism as a new
form of selective tourism and strengthening of the protection against light pollution, where the
dark sky is a basic natural prerequisite for the development of this form of tourism. Second,
certification in astrotourism is increasingly developing at the global and national levels in some
countries. It has the purpose of the social and marketing affirmation of astrotourism, but also
of raising public awareness of astronomy and the problem of light pollution. Both hypotheses
were confirmed in the paper, based on a qualitative comparative analysis of three international
certification projects in astrotourism. The paper deals specifically with the “Declaration on
the Protection of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight”, the so-called La Palma or Starlight
Declaration of 2007, which “started it all”, and for the first time clearly proclaimed the
right to a clear and dark, light-preserved sky as the right of humanity, which is also the year
when the term astrotourism was first publicly introduced. The paper also gives an overview
of the steps taken in the Republic of Croatia in this direction, with a special emphasis on the
proclamation of two natural areas in the category of Dark Sky Park, as well as the adoption of
legal regulations on combating light pollution. However, scientists have proven that Croatia
has significant potential for the development of astrotourism, because its geographical area is
still not completely light-polluted. The paper contributes to the theoretical framework in the
field of astrotourism, confirming the correlation between the protection from light pollution
and development of astrotourism, and sensitizing the scientific and general public to this issue,
especially the problem of light pollution, as well as incentives for better valorization of astrotourism’s
potential. Republic of Croatia, based on the principles of sustainable development.

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astrotourism, science and tourism, light pollution, Starlight Declaration, certificates in astrotourism, dark sky park

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