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Assessment of physical activity in elderly people using a PASE questionnaire in accordance with the selected MKB-10 disease category

Ivana Crnković orcid id ; University of applied health sciences, Department of physiotherapy, Zagreb
Karmen Lončarek orcid id ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of medicine, Department of ophthalmology, Rijeka, Croatia
Andrej Starc ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of health sciences, Department of public health, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Practising a sitting way of life in elderly people can result in a lowered level of physical activity with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The aim of this research is to ascertain the level of physical activity in elderly people and in which group they belong according to the selected MKB-10 disease category using a PASE questionnaire as a measuring instrument. Participants (N = 100) that can partake in physical activity on their own or with assistance were included in this study. They were distributed into three groups categorized by the International Classification of Diseases and related medical issues (MKB-10). The first group consisted of people with musculoskeletal disorders (N = 34), the second included cardiovascular diseases (N = 35) and the third included participants with neurological disorders (N = 31). The PASE questionnaire was used in order to evaluate the level of physical activity. The results of this research confirm that most elderly people practise a sitting way of life with a low level of physical activity and an increased BMI index in all observed groups. According to the results of this study, there was no statistically significant difference between the three observed groups in regards to physical activity, BMI and sitting activity. In further research, it is needed to design measuring instruments for assessing the level of physical activity in elderly people that would enable defining limiting factors for including people of this age group in physical activity.

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physical activity; elderly people; MKB-10; PASE

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