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The Oral Tradition of Hudam from Harmani

Amira Dervišević ; Pedagoški fakultet u Bihaću

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In the context of mythological traditions recorded among the Bosniak population in Bosnia, one special kind that stands out is the one about Hudam. These narratives should be considered within the framework of traditional beliefs in a supernatural being that appears in buildings where people live, and warns the members of the household about the cleanliness of their home by pounding or breaking dishes. The recorded traditions are linked to specific places but also to people, who are believed to possess their own service spirit. By comparing contemporary mythological traditions concerning this being with those recorded twenty years earlier in the same area (Bihać), the aim of this paper is to draw attention to the persistence of narrating about Hudam in the Bosniak oral tradition.

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Bosniak oral tradition, belief, supernatural beings, Hudam, traditions, demoniac (mythological) traditions

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