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The Aesthetic Function in Oral Literature

Davor Piskač ; Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Pula, Hrvatska

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str. 93-114

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The intention of this paper is to observe the aesthetic function within oral literature, particularly in the context of the literary structuralism of the Prague School and the work of Jan Mukařovský. What it is most important to notice in his work overall is the fact that the aesthetic function can be more prominent in certain literary works, while its presence can be almost impossible to prove in others.
The aesthetic function in oral literature is the promoter of structuring, but it surrenders its place to certain other cultural and social functions. The aesthetic function is not dominant, nor should it be, because that would disrupt the very essence of oral literature, and that is the collective preservation and transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.

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aesthetic function, oral literature, structuralism, Jan Mukařovský

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