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Single Molecule Probing of Exocytotic Protein Interactions Using Force Spectroscopy

Vedrana Montana ; University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
Wei Liu ; University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
Umar Mohideen ; University of California, Riverside, USA
Vladimir Parpura orcid id ; University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

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Relatively recently, the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) emerged as a powerful tool for single molecule nanomechanical investigations. Parameters that can be measured by force spectroscopy using AFM, such as the force and total mechanical extension required to break bonds between various proteins can yield valuable insights into the nature of the bond (zippering vs. highly localized binding site), the sequence of its interactions and the energy landscape along the length of the interaction. In this review we discuss the use of AFM in force spectroscopy mode to study intermolecular interactions between the exocytotic proteins of the core SNARE complex. Information gathered by force spectroscopy of protein-protein interactions of this complex supplement previous results acquired with other techniques, and allows a deeper understanding of SNARE protein interactions and their role in exocytosis.

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single molecule measurements; atomic force microscopy; force spectroscopy; SNARE proteins; exocytosis

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