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Three Holy Marys in Croatian Passion Folk Literature

Marko Dragić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu, Split, Hrvatska

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The paper cites and interprets about twenty traditional pas­sion poems, prayers and customs within which these poems are told, and speak of Mary Magdalene, Mary of Jacob and Mary Salome who accompanied the Blessed Virgin Mary, together followed Jesus to Golgotha and stood by him when he was crucified. As soon as the Sabbath passed, they bought perfumes with intention to anoint Jesus in his tomb. On their way to the tomb they discussed among themselves who was going to move a great stone from the tomb entrance so they would be able to anoint Jesus. When they approached the grave, they saw that the stone had been moved and the tomb was empty. Upon entering the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in white who sat to the right. They were afraid, but angel (the young man) told them there was no need to be frightened because Jesus was resurrected. He also told them to go to Jesus’ disciples Peter and John and to tell them that Jesus was on his way to Galilee where they would be able to see him. Marys were frightened, so they ran away from the tomb to Peter and John and informed them that Jesus was resurrected. When Mary Magdalene informed Peter and John, she went back to the tomb and there Jesus Christ appeared to her.
The poems in the paper are interpreted in context of the Gospels and the liturgy, as well as in the ethnological and anthropological context. These poems were recorded for the last 22 years in the Republic of Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All the poems have a considerable aesthetical meaning and are in agreement with the Gospels. Alongside the poems, the three Marys procession, recorded in Ilok, is mentioned.

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Mary Magdalen; Mary Salome; Mary of Cleopas; the passion of Jesus Christ; Virgin Mary; resurrection; Jesus Christ’s tomb

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