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Tools and databases for solving problems in detection and identification of repetitive DNA sequences

Eva Šatović orcid id ; Ruđer Bošković Institute
Monika Tunjić Cvitanić orcid id
Miroslav Plohl orcid id

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Genome compartments known to carry out very important biological functions (e.g. centromeres and telomeres) are mostly constituted of repetitive sequences. At the same time, regions of the genomes enriched in repetitive sequences have always presented great technical challenges for sequence alignments and genome assemblies. Fast evolving sequencing technologies and the increasing accessibility of genomic datasets have opened the opportunity to gain new insights into poorly explored genome fractions, built of repetitive DNA. Comprehensive and accurate annotation and characterization of these sequences is therefore an important contribution to the understanding of genomic architecture and function as a whole. In order to attend the emerging needs in repeat analysis and characterization, many bioinformatics tools, databases and pipelines have been generated. This review is intended to draw attention to the problems encountered in the genomic studies of repetitive sequences and to provide an overview of a spectrum of most prominent bioinformatics tools used for gaining better insight into these important genomic components. Some of the described assets are focused on detection of a wide range of repeats while the others are focused on a specific type of repetitive DNA sequences, generated as an answer to specific research interests and needs of the scientific community.

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