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PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION: FREEDOM OR COORDINATION The intersection of the paths of contemporaneity

Riccardo Sirello

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str. 73-77

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Under the conditions of operating trusts, economic concentration and globalisation, the singularity of subjects has increasingly been brought into question. All tends towards the de-subjectification of both the individual and the nation, and – according to the obligatoriness of the simple techniques of apprenticeship – with the risk of changing society into a society without subjects.
The task of philosophy is to reflect upon the newly-arisen circumstances and changes which are necessary for the classical conception of subjects and subjectivity. Both education and philosophy are part of the practical particularities with which individuals are thrust into thinking about themselves, into conceiving and operating as subjects. The question of the relationship between philosophy and education should be posed radically, and education should be linked with freedom.

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De-subjectification, philosophy, education, diversity, freedom, subject, subjectivity

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