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Influence of a the medically programmed active rest on employees who undergo different strains at work

Mirna Andrijašević ; Fakultet za fizičku kulturu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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In this paper we have researched the efficiency of the 10-day medically programmed active rest with regard to the transformation of some functional and anthropologic characteristics of two groups of employees. The first group consisted of 55 agricultural machines drivers, and the second of 55 examinees, their occupations being for example: mechanics, electricians, etc. The examinees underwent the kinesiological treatment with the basic goal to recuperate and increase the functional abilities. The data was analyzed by means of multivariant procedures, and the time effects of the treatment were evaluated by means of the SSDIF analysis of quantitative changes. We have obtained the positive changes of various intensity, which is probably the consequence of the different initial status, which basically depends on the type of occupation.

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employees, recreational treatment, quantitative changes

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