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Dynamics of subcutaneous adipose tissue changes in relation to age and sexual maturation in girls aged 12-15 in Sarajevo during war

Ivan Prskalo ; Secondary School - Center of Education and Professional Qualification Lug - Samobor, Croatia

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During wartime in Sarajevo, on a sample of 180 schoolgirls, aged 12-14, divided into three groups of 12, 13 and 14 years old, 17 anthropometric variables in the transversal study have been determined including height, body mass, 15 skinfolds, fat weight and percentage of body fat. Chronological and gynecological age were also recorded and secondary sex characteristics were estimated. There were distinct differences in skinfold values among girls related to their chronological age, axillary hair, onset of menarche, but fewer differences related to the development of pubic hair and breasts. According to results of multiple linear regression analysis the gynecological age was more influential than chronological age on all investigated variables entering the equation, except metacarpal skinfold value. In addition, gynecological age correlated only with skinfold values of the trunk and proximal extremity parts. Evident influences of both chronological age and gynecological age on bodyfat content in the period of sexual maturation thus reflect, even in the circumstances of besieged Sarajevo, a continuation the positive secular trend in size and fatness reported before war.

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anthropometry, body fat, sexual maturation, adolescent girls, Sarajevo

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