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Marital Infertility and Its Options

Miljenko Aničić ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet u Đakovu Sveučilišta Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Đakovo, Hrvatska

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While a number of couples use different methods to limit their fertility and prevent new life from coming into the world. On the other hand there are those — and this number is increasing who have one and only wish: to have a child of their own. No price is too high for this wish to come true. Their own wishes, social pressure, as well as scientific and technological optimism and promises of reproductive medicine motivate them to try all over again. The results do not remotely compensate for all the efforts, suffering and costs they have to bear. Some modem medical techniques are problematic from a moral point of view and are contrary to human dignity. This article is aimed at pointing to some significant moments, which are not properlv treated by modem mentality, or by reproductive technologies. Starting from the biblical conception of man and the creation of his life, found in the Revelation, it emphasizes the importance of marriage and conjugal bliss as the only point from which human life can be created. Human capability to spread life is absorbed in the Divine power of creation. A child is a God given gift; God is the one standing behind life, not man ... Many types of sterility can be prevented by responsible conduct, diagnosis in due time and morally acceptable medical interventions. When sterility becomes an irremediable condition in a marriage, the awareness of the faithful is to look beyond it to seek alternative solutions. Spouses can reconsider their personal and marital life and create spiritual fertility through which love makes them dedicate themselves to life and its continuation for the benefit of the man and human kind.

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child, marital (in)fertility, reproductive medicine, homologous insemination, heterologous insemination, prevention of infertility, medical treatment of infertility, spiritual fertility, life of a child

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