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An aspect of qualitative research in sport science: its data as values of variables

Petr Blahuš ; Department of Kinanthropology, Division of Methodology Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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Initiated by the practical research problems with an evaluation of categorized research material in several qualitative studies in physical and sport education a more general methodological problem is dealt with, viz. how to treat the data of such studies. Therefore, starting from the general methodological postulate of necessity of the “research variable” concept even in the qualitative research (Blahus 1997) the authorities to bring further methodological support for the so-called integrative approach as a unified scientific strategy. The classification of categories produced by categorization during a qualitative research into purely qualitative, graded, and distanced categories is interconnected with the author’s previous classification of random variables (1993, 1996), with levels of measurement scales, and with the dichotomy of string vs. numeric variables of computational software. The Fundamental Postulate (cf. FPELSA in Sec. 8) for processing any kind of data, including the qualitative ones, was formulated on the basis that the data had to be justifiably recognized as values of variables prior to their meaningful evaluation.

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kinanthropology, kinesiology, sport science, methodology, variable, data processing, measurement, qualitative data, qualitative research

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