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A simple system for monitoring of weight exercise - application in assessment of strength abilities

Dusan Hamar ; Department of Sports Medicine, Research Institute of Sports Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

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In order to monitor force and power produced during a weight exercise a simple computer based system has been designed. Utilizing Newton’s laws of mechanics the actual force while lifting the weight can be derived by multiplying mass and acceleration. The latter is being obtained as a derivation of velocity registered by means of a sensor mechanically coupled with a barbell. Multiplying the force and velocity provides the actual value of power. The system provides on-line graphical and digital data and calculates mean and maximal values separately for the eccentric and concentric phase. Monitoring the basic biomechanical parameter during repetitions with stepwise increasing weights up to LRM performed with maximal effort in the concentric phase provides data to draw individual force-velocity and power-velocity curves. These allow the estimation of strength and power at different velocities as a basis for a more sports specific assessment of strength abilities.

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muscular strength, muscular power, force velocity curve, power-velocity curve, strength testing

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