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Characteristics of language in sports commercials

Darija Omrčen ; Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper analyzes the sample comprising 32 TV sports commercials in the English language – eight commercials which advertise a sports product and 24 commercials which advertise some other products and in which sports is the pictorial background of the commercial. The goal of the research was to analyze the usage of sentences types, tenses, mood, voice, parts of speech and figurative language both in the spoken and in the written texts of the commercials and to indicate the correlation between their application and the topics and goals of the commercials.
Some sentence types (primarily the one-member and the simple sentences, and statements in both the spoken and the written texts, as well as the commands and exclamations in the spoken texts), the tenses (present simple), the mood (imperative) and the voice (active), the parts of speech (primarily the nouns and the verbs to a lesser extent), and figurative language were used in order to create clear associations which are by their nature positive. In this way the commercial efficiently motivates the consumer to make a decision about buying a particular product, thus fulfilling the basic goal of the commercial.

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commercials, sport, language

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