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Differences in situation-related indicators of the handball game in relation to the achieved competitive results of teams at 1999 world championship in Egypt

Nenad Rogulj ; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education, University of Split, Croatia

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The purpose of the research was to determine the differences in the situation-related parameters of the game in relation to the results achieved or the performance of the teams in top quality handball for men. The differences in 27 situation-related indicators of the game, both on defense and on attack, have been analyzed by means of the multivariate analysis of the variance. The sample consisted of 80 matches from the 1999 Men's World Championship in Egypt. These 27 performance indicators have been analyzed in relation to the level of success or competitive successfulness which was determined by two classification factors: the first one was named general championship performance (general achievement in competition) and was defined by the teams’ final ranking at the championship. The second one was named the performance in a match and was defined by a victory or defeat in a match. It has been established that the successful teams are predominantly efficient in: the efficient completion of the set attacks against an organized defense, the collective counter-attacks, the number of assistances, the penalty (seven meters) shots, and in individual actions of the break-through (on attack), while on defense they are more efficient in executing the non-contact elements of the defense and in the goalkeeper’s situation-related successfulness on defense in the back court or long range shots saves. Less successful teams are predominant in turnovers, in attacks against the set defense and in shots taken from the back positions.

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handball, situation-related efficiency indicators, performance, results achieved, successfulness

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