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Some proposals for the methodics efficacy improvement concerning endurance running in physical education

Branko Škof ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Katja Tomažin ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Aleš Dolenec ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Owing to many positive influences, education for a healthy way of living almost cannot be imagined without running or some other aerobic endurance activities in nature (mountaineering, cross-country skiing, cycling, etc.).
Physical education has without doubt an extremely important role in the formation of person’s attitudes towards a particular sport activity. Today, endurance running and other endurance, from the point of energy, more demanding activities are not especially popular in physical education at schools. The objective of the research was to find out which are the most important reasons for the rejection of endurance running at school by the young and to propose some forms and methods of pedagogical actions that would bring endurance running closer to the young person.
On the basis of the answers of 290 students in the first academic year at the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana the following has been established: (1.) The young dislike running above all due to exertion, monotony and the fact that they cannot see any sense in running. (2.) The attitude towards running in the young at school is associated with: (a) choice of the environment in which running is carried out within physical education, (b) the persuasive power of the physical educators - his or her procedures for raising the awareness and personal example, (c) the transparency of the training programme and the systematics in carrying it out.

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physical education, endurance running, pedagogical actions, motivation

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