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Natural Spreading of the Whitebark Pine (Pinus Heldreichii Christ) and Forming of Pioneer Stands on the Mountan of Čvrsnica in Hercegovina

Augustin Meštrović orcid id ; Hrvatske šume, UŠP Gospić

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The paper presents natural spreading and forming pioneer stands and numerousness of natural new growth in whitebark pine forests. The research is carried out in westernmost part of natural area of the whitebark pine in Hercegovina on the mountain of Čvrsnica, nearby natural unmanagement stands. Natural spreading of the whitebark pine was researched through forming pioneer stands on nerby unforested area in development stage of the seedling plant, new growth, young corp and young stand. Process of natural spreading advance by progressive sucession in the colonisation rate zone and in all development phase. Researching of nuerousnes and structure of young generation, was defined with registration and distribution by height classes for finding possibility of natural regeneration of whitebark pine stands at the age and development stage of middleaged, mature and oldgrowth stand. Numerousness of natural new growth increse with the age of stand, so a total average numerousness for all stands is 5. 812 piece/ha, while a total average numerousness of natural seedling plants for all stands is 757 piece/ha.
A total average numerousness of natural seedling plants and new growth is 6. 569 piece/ha. Numerousness of natural new growth is important indicator of possibility of natural regeneration whitebark pine stands that depend on the site, the age and development stage and on a deegre of canopy cover, also. Oldgrowth stands of whitebark pine and with average number of natural new growth can have good natural regeneration. Results of this rerearch give us better knowledge and understandings about regular and quality relationship towards this tipes of the forest.

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forming pioneer stands, natural spreading, numerousness natural new growth and stand age., progressive sucession

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