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Analysis of crisis situations in nautical tourism

Daniela Gračan orcid id ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Ika, Hrvatska
Romina Agbaba orcid id ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Ika, Hrvatska

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With rapid industrialization, the current social system is facing a variety of crises that deplete resources, pollute the environment and generate large amounts of waste. Excessive destinations dependence on tourism, as a primary economic activity, make them more vulnerable to global crisis situations and their negative effects. The tourism industry is also sensitive to external disasters and the deterioration of the tourism product, and is becoming more exposed to the crisis, which leads to a growing interest in contingency planning. Economic crisis, the crisis in the world shipping economy and political instability represent some of the crisis situations that developed and developing countries are struggling with.
The goal of the research is literature review to determine which crisis situations exist in nautical tourism, which ones occur most often and what is the cause of them. Also, by analyzing the content of selected articles, the aim is to present possible solutions to such situations, applying to a greater extent to the principles of sustainable development. This paper analyzes the scientific literature on the crisis situations and their negative effects on nautical tourism, as relatively new multidisciplinary tourism activity. Contrary to the long history of piracy, terrorist attacks, as a one type of crisis situations that occur in the maritime industry are rare. However, high-energy consumption, high water pollution and increased port production, consequently negatively affect the ecological environment. Pollution created by vessels, in addition to disrupting the natural ecological balance, also encourages climate change, therefore, ecological restoration measures can help improve the quality of the environment on land and in water.

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Crisis situations, Crisis management, Nautical tourism, Literature review

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