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Contributions To The History Of Roma People In Dalmatia From The 16th To The 19th Century

Ivo Mišur orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 163-178

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The first Roma in Dalmatia were recorded in the second half of the 14th century in Dubrovnik. This article proved long-term Roma presence throughout Dalmatia. Roma people are mentioned in numerous archival sources from the 16th to the 19th century. Dozens of Roma families converted from Islam to Christianity at the begining of 18. century when Dalmatia was liberated from Turks. Stereotypes about Roma where present in Dalmatia at the end of 18th century but Roma weren't systematically discriminated except in Sinj. There they were forbidden to participate as contestents in most important social event of the year- game knowns as Alka. At the end of 18. century Roma people in Dalmatia didn't speak Roma lanugage and mostly abandoned nomadic way of life. This and their succesful integration in society are main reasons for their succesfull assimilation into Croatians. Descendants of these Roma people who lived in Dalmatia in 18. century were assimilated. There are rumours about their heritage but most of families keep it as secret because of stygma it brings.

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Roma people, discrimination, Dalmatia, assimilation

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