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Relations between Christians and Muslims in kadi court registers (sicils) and Franciscan chronicles of the 18th century*

Dijana Pinjuh ; University of Mostar Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Based on kadi sicils and Franciscan chronicles, this paper seeks to present a picture of everyday lives of Christians and Muslims during a turbulent period, marked by political turmoil, unrest and general insecurity. Attacks, murders and various other acts of violence were part of everyday life. The ruling class of the time often abused their position and acted beyond their authority, putting additional pressure on the Christian population and further aggravating their social position and security within Eyalet of Bosnia. The efforts of the authorities to protect reaya were only temporarily effective in stopping the violence. The perpetrators of violence were mostly indiscriminate concerning their targets as Muslims were also targeted. Despite unfavorable political circumstances, social and religious differences, Muslims and Christians privately used to help each other, socialize and cooperate.

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Christians; Muslims; Christian-Muslim relations; chronicles; sicils, 18th century.

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