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6000 years of the metallurgy on the territory of Croatia

Ilija Mamuzić orcid id ; Croatian Metallurgical Society, Berislavićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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This work deals with the development of metallurgy in the world whose beginnings date 7 000 years B.C. On the territory of today s Croatia metallurgy has been present for 6000 years. Three civilizations have left evidence the Celtic, the Roman, and civilization of Vučedol. After the arrival of the Cratis to this territory, metallurgy developed more intensively in the region of Sisak and Banovina as well as Samobor and Gorski Kotar. Bells and guns were cast in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. The industrial production started in 1853 (Foundry in Rijeka), production of ferroalloys, Šibenik 1900 y, also Dugi Rat 1906 y, and in 1937 the production of aluminium and Al – alloys in Lozovac (continuo by 1905) as with the construction of the blast furnace in Caprag in 1939. In the period after 1945 until 1990, Croatia had several metallurgical companies and acceptable production coke, iron, steel, fero-alloys, electrodes, casting, reinforced concrete steel, seamless and welded tubes, strips, billets, aluminium etc. Total production in Croatia in 1990 was ~ 3 000 000 tons of various metallurgical products (without castings). Per year in 1990 until 2012 plants of over 2 600 000 t of metallurgical per year were torn down or put out of operations. Total metallurgical production in Croatia in was 2011 y 248 910 tons i.e. level 8,3 % (comparison with the production in 1990 y), what is significant of the destruction of Croatia metallurgy for 22 years. The Article give also several press notices to the public information by members of the Croatian Metallurgical Society and Apprentices in order to sustain and revitalize the Croatian metallurgy (supplements).

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metallurgy; history; world; Croatia; progress

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