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Mathematical model of the diagram of the phase composition of the system Fe – Si – Cr

A. A. Akberdin ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
A. S. Kim ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
N. Yu. Lu ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
R. B. Sultangaziyev ; Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
A. S. Orlov ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

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str. 257-260

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A diagram of the phase composition of the three-component metal system Fe-Si-Cr is plotted. It has 12 phases: Fe, Si, Cr, Fe3Si, Fe2Si, Fe5Si3, FeSi, FeSi2, Cr3Si, Cr5Si3, CrSi and CrSi2. The dimensions of the fields formed and the prevalence of individual phases in them have been determined. The most common compounds in the system under study are FeSi, CrSi2 and Cr3Si. Isothermal sections of the diagram are plotted. A mathematical model of the diagram and a computer program have been created. After setting the chemical composition of the metal from the control panel and starting, the computer finds the field (triangle) where the metal is and displays its phase composition in mass percent on a monitor or print. An example of using the created model for calculating the phase composition of ferrosilicon grades is given. FeSi65, FeSi75 and ferrosilicochromium FeSiCr48. A satisfactory agreement was found between the calculated and experimental data.

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ferroalloy; phase composition; Fe – Si – Cr; diagram; mathematical model

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