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Improving the Performance of Distance Relay Using Wavelet Transform

Zeynab Mohabati ; Department of Electrical Engineering, Khomein Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khomein, Iran
Maryam Khoddam ; Department of Electrical Engineering, Khomein Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khomein, Iran

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With proliferation of power grids, different types of faults are more likely to occur. The purpose of system protection relays is to detect abnormal signals that indicate faults in the transmission system and to separate the fault section from the rest of the system to prevent the fault from propagating to other parts of the system. Proliferation of electronic devices led to creation of digital relays made of microprocessors. Hence, analog measurements are converted into digital signals for processing by microprocessors. Air grids are more likely to cause faults than other components of the power system; thus, disturbances affecting the system must be detected quickly and accurately. Therefore, the problem of fault detection and classification is an important factor for economic exploitation of the power grid. Accurate fault handling results in faster repair operations, better system availability, lower operating costs and timesavings. The proposed design in this study was based on detecting the type of fault caused in transmission lines. In order to improve the condition of the relays in the transmission grid, analysis of the signals reached to the relay on both sides of the line was used to detect the fault and its type. The main purpose was to quickly detect the type of fault using wavelet transform. For this purpose, the signal was sampled after the fault occurs and the feature signal was extracted after analysis by wavelet transform. These features were included in the decision tree classifier and the type of the fault was decided.

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decision tree algorithm; parallel transmission line protection; transmission line error detection and classification; wavelet transform

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