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Virtual exhibition „A walk through the Bjelovar“: a city on old postcards of heritage institutions

Neda Adamović orcid id ; Narodna knjižnica “Petar Preradović” Bjelovar
Tomislav Adamović orcid id ; Veleučilište u Bjelovaru

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The paper will present the process of creating a virtual exhibition of old postcards of the city of Bjelovar. The project is based on a partnership of five cultural and scientific institutions: the State Archives in Bjelovar, the Public Library "Petar Preradović" and the City Museum participated with postcards, the Conservation Department in Bjelovar with expert information related to individual locations, and the University with programming support exhibitions. The idea was to collect all available postcards created in the period from 1899 to 1970 and attach them in digital form to points on an interactive map of the city. The project of creating a virtual exhibition of old postcards through an interactive map of the city of Bjelovar was designed with the aim of a virtual presentation of the rich architectural heritage of the city of Bjelovar, which is permanently preserved on old postcards of the 19th and 20th centuries. Special attention will be given to the local collection Bjelovariana of the Public Library "Petar Preradović" Bjelovar.

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virtual exhibition, Bjelovariana local collection, Public Library “Petar Preradović” Bjelovar, postcards

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