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Leadership as a management function in library bussines

Antal Balog orcid id ; Veleučilište s pravom javnosti Baltazar Zaprešić

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The aim of this paper is to explain and delineate the terms related to leadership and leading, leaders and followers, and organizational power. Furthermore, the aim of the paper is to contribute to a better understanding of leadership as a function of management in libraries and thus provide a theoretical basis for improving its operational application. The following is a discussion of leadership in libraries by considering the types of leadership from the perspective of the transfer of influence of leaders to followers and the countertransference of the influence of followers to leaders. The application of leadership to selected library practices is presented below, which starts from Fiedler's contingency model of leadership, which, in this example, contains three situational factors. The paper uses the desk research method, the method of observation and analysis of experiences of existing management models in libraries. The research is limited to libraries in the Republic of Croatia. The results of this paper can contribute to a better understanding of leadership as a function of management in libraries and the factors influencing the choice of a suitable model adapted to the requirements of the internal and external environment of the library. Linking theoretical considerations with selected library practices, this article allows for its practical application in a way that facilitates the selection of an appropriate leadership style and its adaptation to the dominant organizational culture of the library. In this sense, this research has social significance because it implies the improvement of management in libraries as public institutions of special social interest.

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leadership styles, leadership, leading, library, management

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