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Personal boundaries as the foundation of interpersonal relationships and self-care

Irena Sever Globan orcid id ; Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište, Odjel za komunikologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The article deals with the topic of defining and reflecting on personal boundaries in the context of caring for one's own psycho-physical and spiritual health. Personal boundaries help us define our personal identity, integrity, close relationships and contribute to creating a sense of security. They are learned from the earliest childhood and what the boundaries will be largely depends on how the parents / guardians communicated their own boundaries and whether they respected the child's personal integrity and possible disagreements. Recognizing, setting and communicating personal boundaries also have their biblical inspirations since God in the Holy Scripture is able to say “no” and gives man free will by allowing him freedom of choice. This article therefore seeks to define what personal boundaries are, how they develop, difference between “healthy” and “sick” boundaries, how setting personal boundaries can help us build better interpersonal relationships and how the idea of boundaries fits into Christian anthropology. In this context, we will also talk about assertiveness as a communication skill with which we communicate personal boundaries in a correct and healthy – non-aggressive, non-judgmental and non-reactive – way.

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personal boundaries, assertiveness, interpersonal relationship, integrity, responsibility, Christianity and boundaries

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