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Mitja Žagar ; Inštitut za narodnostna vprašanja, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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str. 106-121

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The autor's topics are the ethnic structure and the system of protecting the rights of national minorities in Slovenia. Slovenia is an ethnically plural country. According to the 1991 census 87,8 % of that country's population are Slovenians, and the rest are Croats, Serbs, Muslims, Italians, Hungarians, Romanies, members of other smaller ethnic groups, ethnically uncommitted and individuals with regional identitety. The Slovenian Constitution guarantees to all individuals, not only to Slovenian citizens, the right to expression and protection of ethnic identity. In line with the Constitution, the author distinguishes several basic categories of ethnic communities: the Slovenian people, the autochthonous minorities (Hungarians and Italians), the Romanies, the non-autochthonous (immigrant) minority groups whose members are Slovenian citizens and, finally, the members of immigrant groups who are not Slovenian citizens. The Slovenian concept of the protection of autochthonous minority communities guarantees to the members of these minorities collective and individual rights. Their political representation in the Slovenian national parliament is guaranteed. The ethnic community of Romanies enjoys a high level of the protection of their minority rights, allowing for a number of specific features of their social structure and taking into consideration their territorial dispersion and a low level of organization. The rights of the nonautochthonous ethnic communities are protected in a somewhat lesser degree. The author concludes that in Slovenia the constitutional and legal protection of ethnic minorities and their members is exemplary and can serve as a model to other countries.

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Slovenia, a people, national minorities, autochthonous minorities, constitutional protection of minorities, national identity, ethnic communities

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