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To Stay or to Leave: the French in Dubrovnik at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century

Ariana Violić-Koprivec orcid id ; Sveučilište u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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The number of immigrants from France to Dubrovnik in the course of the nineteenth century was not significant. A somewhat larger immigrant proportion in the early years of the nineteenth century may be ascribed to the political developments in this area, as they mainly arrived during the French rule in Dubrovnik and its territory. For some of them, short military occupation of Dubrovnik and its surroundings meant a turning point in life and a fresh start in the new environment.
Traced in historical sources are the French individuals who either temporarily or permanently settled in Dubrovnik in the early nineteenth century. Also provided is the spatial distribution of French soldiers who remained in Dubrovnik after the withdrawal of the French troops. By pinpointing the key moments in their lives (marriage, godparenthood, namegiving patterns), the customs of this
group of foreigners as well as their relationship with the local community have been delineated. The French constituted a small, specific, and closely-knit social group which cultivated its own tradition and customs. At more developed social networks with the local population have not been observed, which may be explained by the temporary nature of their residence and anti-French attitude
among all social strata. The article examines the adaptation of French surnames to the Croatian linguistic system, too. A list of all the traced surname variants has been provided so as to facilitate future research of this topic. The article contributes to the knowledge of the population of Dubrovnik area, and sheds an additional light on the social circumstances during French rule over the Dubrovnik territory.

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Dubrovnik; 19th century; history of population; immigrations; French people; Napoleon’s army

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